Article: Tropicalization – The key to success in global markets

I am almost sure you have heard the term tropicalization before; according to academics in the field of marketing, it refers to the adaptation of an idea, communication campaign, product, or service according to the place where it will be implemented. The cultural, social, ideological and resource differences that vary from place to place are […]

Article: Marketing without affection and a sports controversy

Credit: Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) | Twitter In 2018, the North American sports memorabilia market was measured for the first time. David Yoken, founder of the valuable card trading app “,” conducted the research that found the industry is worth $5.4 billion annually. Based on this, it is not surprising that Darren Rovell, a journalist and […]

Hiyiri Merino returns to PR Consulting Global to lead Operations

PR Consulting Global is experiencing a special moment that includes a new phase of its international expansion and the acquisition of top specialists for the team. To help guide this process, the agency announces the return of Hiyiri Merino as Head of Operations. In addition to coordinating operational activities, Merino will help implement a new […]

Article: Appropriate language in health communication projects

Effective communication ensures not only the transmission of ideas and thoughts, through messages that encourage understanding, but decision-making and openness to change. Communicating is knowing how to share information and, for an assertive interaction, clear objectives are needed, such as establishing concepts about what you want to say, who you want to reach and where […]

PR Global announces new leaders for the Digital and Tech teams

Lais Pancote joins PR Consulting Global as Digital Account Leader to coordinate design projects, audiovisual content production, web development and social media for clients in sectors such as finance, technology and agribusiness. With more than 18 years of experience, Lais has a degree in Graphic Design, a specialist degree in Culture and Arts and a […]

PR Consulting Global partners once again with SP Restaurant Week

Official public relations agency for the 29th edition of São Paulo Restaurant Week, PR Consulting Global helped the festival over 7 weeks to reach a total of 249 articles, 14 of which in super tier media. It means more than R$ 5 million in equivalent advertising value. By highlighting the theme of the edition “Re-reading: […]

PR Global powers complex website for Escola do Futuro

In a seven-month project, PR Global built an innovative website for Escola do Futuro. Dynamic and versatile, the site meets the communication needs of this institution recognized for practicing advanced, Christian and bilingual education. The visual design has been modernized. The result is a vibrant and interactive identity that reflects the school environment, known for […]

Wagner Santos joins PR Consulting Global as Commercial Director

Wagner Santos teams up with PR Consulting Global to lead the commercial area and collaborate with the agency’s expansion across the American continent. Santos has over 20 years of experience in Sales and has worked for companies such as Agência Estado and Thomson Reuters. PR Consulting Global is going through a key moment in its […]

Tendências do design: Texto obstruído

Alguns designs são ótimos, ainda mais quando eles desafiam a sabedoria e os princípios da teoria do design.A nova tendência do design está mostrando que a ideia de elementos cobrirem ou obstruírem um pouco do texto pode ser boa. É uma tendência interessante porque vai contra tudo o que comumente falamos sobre design. Que deve […]

Estratégia digital integrada para resultados reais

Impulsionar postagens nas redes sociais e iniciar um programa de Adwords, por exemplo, pouco adiantam se a estratégia digital de uma empresa não é integrada e o site é desatualizado. “Antes de qualquer coisa, a empresa precisa pensar quem é o seu público e como pode atrair essas pessoas ao site e gerar leads qualificados, […]

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The PR’s team was responsible for all media interactions of the “FT Commodities Americas”, summit organized by the British newspaper Financial Times, held in Rio de Janeiro. The event was covered by media like Reuters, Agência Estado, Agência EFE, Bloomberg, Jornal Nacional (TV Globo), Folha de S. Paulo, G1, Valor Econômico, Fast Markets, O Globo, Veja RJ, Band News, CBN and Radio O Globo. A total of 82 million potential readers were reached and over R$1.4 million in Advertising Equivalent Value.